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The One Book that changed everything

Back in November 2014 somebody recommended that I read this book. 

The title didn’t make much sense to me and the topic wasn’t something that really resonated as critical reading for my business at the time but I went ahead and ordered the book anyway.

That One Book changed everything for me.

  • It changed how I ran our business.
  • It changed how we marketed our business.
  • It changed how I thought about business.
  • It changed the potential in our business.
  • It changed my life.

The book is called Launch, and the revised updated expanded version has just been released. 

For anyone who runs:

  • a service business,
  • a knowledge business,
  • a retail business,
  • any kind of business

This book is essential reading. It is packed with not just knowledge and information but also transformational case studies and real life business cases.

Until Saturday you can get a kindle version of Launch for just £0.71/€1.

Check out Des's story about how Launch changed his life and his business:

Get the all new updated version of Launch!

Jeff Walker has literally transformed the way products and services are sold online. Along the way he’s become one of the top entrepreneurial and marketing trainers in the world. Today, his Product Launch Formula has made million-dollar (and multi-million-dollar) launch days almost routine.