Buy My Practice Programme

Buy My Practice Programme

Des O’Neill will help you build a strategic plan so you can turn your accountancy practice into a saleable, scalable asset.

The tools and strategies to make your accountancy business not to be reliant on you.

9 weeks

7 modules

1 hour per week

Pay in Euro or Sterling

£ 207

€ 247


Where are we now? Where do we want to go?

18 July 2023: 8am - 9am
Establishing where you are on your Business Lifecycle Journey and where you really want to bring your business and why? In this module we will look at your strategy in a way that you can bring those around you on the journey with you.

Products & Services with the Potential to Scale

25 July 2023: 8am - 9am
What are the services you offer? How do you present and bundle them? What are the prices you charge? Just because you are good at something does not necessarily mean that you must do it. Pick the products and services at the price point that will get the result you want in your business. In this module we will help you get clear on classifying what your products and services are and how you bundle them and sell them.

Identifying the Customers

1 August 2023: 8am - 9am
There are some people you are meant to serve and some people not so much. Once we have identified the products and services that you are going to deliver, we will look at who are the ideal people to buy those products and services at the price point. If you are going to grow the business, finding the people you are meant to serve is foundational. In this module we help you get clear on who you are going to serve.

Creating a Positive Cashflow Cycle

22 August 2023: 8am - 9am
Having cash locked up in Debtors and WIP is not the way the best firms and the most profitable self-managing firms do it in 2023. The world has moved to a pay-as-you go model. The best accounting firms no longer fund their clients by getting paid in arrears. In this module we look at the transition from retrospective billing, to fixed pricing, progression payments, value pricing and onwards to the subscription model of accounting .

Building a Resilient Team for the Long Game

29 August 2023: 8am - 9am
It’s a team sport. Whether your team is big or small. Whether your team are in the office or hybrid. Whether your team are in the country or not. Whether your team are full time employees, part time contractors or third party suppliers the questions and challenges remain the same. In this module we look at how can you can attract, retain, manage and lead the people who are going to be the cornerstone of your self-managing firm.

Develop a System to Deliver the Result

5 September 2023: 8am - 9am
Give an accountant an answer and you teach them how to get a result that day. Give an accountant a system and the standard operating procedures and you show them how to get a consistent result every day for life. The work we do day in and day out is relatively standard. Yes, clients are different but 90% of what we do is systemisable. In this module we share the process with you for you to create the operating system on which you can run your firm like clockwork.

Develop a Single Focus Growth and Sales Process

12 September 2023: 8am - 9am
Incremental growth happens, but sometimes it happens with non-ideal clients that can be more trouble than they are worth. Intentional growth is a process. Scaling is an intentional way of growing your business with the ideal customers who want to buy your products and services at the price point that works for you. Just imagine having a steady stream of ideal clients coming to your door. In this module we create the system for growth that will make your business exponentially more valuable to you and to any prospective purchaser.