The Way Of The Intelligent Rebel

Des recent chatted to Olivier Roland about his book, The Way of the Intelligent Rebel. Olivier is a long time friend of Des’s and they are both members of Jeff Walker’s Platinum Plus Mastermind.

About Olivier

Olivier Roland dropped school at the age of 19 to create his first business, and never looked back. He is now a serial entrepreneur, blogger, Youtubeur, startup investor, bestseller author, amateur archaeologist, diver, amateur airplane pilot, globetrotter, international speaker and philanthropist among his many hats.

He has built a global audience of more than 450,000 fans convinced by his method, while travelling the world 6 months a year for more than 10 years.

When he was in school he often felt out of tune, inadequate, and unmotivated. He thought for a long time that it was a problem and a weakness, until he realized that this could be a strength, if you play your cards right, because being a rebel means being free to break from the traditional model and create your own reality.

Olivier is now on a mission to show that you don’t need to be brilliant in school to be brilliant in life.

In fact, he believes a lot of Intelligent Rebels are embers ready to blossom to make beautiful fires full of heat and light… but they’ve been watered all their lives. He wants this book to be the breeze that blows on some of these embers and makes them start.

Watch an interview with Olivier

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