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Who are you drawn to?

So this is me with Mike.

Now you may be able to spot from the photograph that Mike and myself have something in common.

Can you see it yet?

Yes, Mike and myself love the colour orange.

I met Mike at a mastermind I was attending recently. It was the Titans mastermind run by the legendary Brian Kurtz. I sat down in the room and I was gravitated to sitting beside Mike.

The two of us instantly hit it off. We found out that not only did we have an interest in business and in copywriting, but we had lots of common interests.

It’s more than just the orange.

Here’s the thing. We like spending time with people who are like ourselves. We like spending time with people who have common interests and shared values. We like being part of a community.

It’s human nature.

Where is your community? Where do you spend time with people who have common interests that are like you?

The other thing for you to think about is they say that we are the product off the five people that we spend most time with.

Who were you spending time with?

Who’s your community and who’s your TRIBE?

I really, really enjoyed getting to meet Mike. It was orangeness that brought us together. But it’s our interest in business, our common interests in life that will hopefully cultivate into a beautiful friendship.

Who is your TRIBE? Who are you connected with? Or who do you want to be connected with?

Who’s on the same journey on the same path as you are?