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What if you could consistently grow your accounting firm by 20% per annum?

But not just grow it with any type of client. What if you could develop a system to consistently grow your accounting firm by 20% per annum with your Ideal A-grade Clients?

What would this make possible for you?  
  • With more ideal clients what would that do for your profitability?
  • ​​What would a guaranteed 20% growth per annum do for your cashflows?
  • ​​What decisions would guaranteed growth and cash flows allow you to make?
  • ​​With all the messy time-consuming problem clients replaced with Ideal A-grade Clients what would happen to stress in your business?
  • ​​With improved profitability what would happen if you could pay higher salary rates than the rest of the market offers?
  • ​​What would it be like for you to double your profits and halve your stress? 
We have worked with accounting firm owners for the last 20 years. We have worked with thousands of accountants and thousands of firms during that time. We have seen what works and what doesn’t work. We have guided our ProfitPro members through tried and tested growth processes that have resulted in them doubling their profits while halving their stress.

You know that growing your business by attracting more better clients makes sense. I am not talking about just growing. I am talking about structured targeted growth by attracting your ideal customers.

We are running a Free 3 Part Accountants Marketing Masterclass in June where we are going to share some of the strategies and tactics that our ProfitPro members have used to get phenomenal results.

In the Accountants Marketing Masterclass, we will be looking at: 
  • Why marketing and growth is essential for all accounting firm owners even if you are not trying to grow a huge firm and are more focused on having a more profitable one;
  • ​​We will share the 10-10-10 model for growth where you can make three 10% incremental changes in just 3 areas of your business that will give you 20% growth per annum in just 3 hours per week;
  • ​​We will share multiple lead generation strategies that work for accountants while allowing you still be yourself without becoming an internet marketer or sleazy salesperson;
  • ​​We will help you clarify and communicate the real value of the service you provide and overcome the most common price objections that clients raise with accountants;
We do this intensive Free Training only once a year. Last year almost a thousand firms participated.

I am an accountant just like you. I have grown my own business from zero, by learning through trial and error, working out what works and what doesn’t. I have created a tried and tested system for growth that has helped hundreds of accountants double their profits while having their stress. I guarantee you that if you join this masterclass you will walk away with insights, ideas, tactics and strategies that will work for you.

I look forward to seeing you on the 2021 edition of the Accountants Marketing Masterclass.

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