The ProfitPro Win Wall

Here are some of the wins we have captured so far this year from ProfitPro members. These are the wins in their own words (or as close as I can recall).

This lets me know that ProfitPro is working and getting real results.

It also drives me to find simpler faster ways to help accountants get the results they are looking for.

“Whether you are a 3 partner firm like me or a sole practitioner the best part of being part of this group is knowing that everyone faces the same challenges and you are not on your own.”

“I have 2 young kids and since starting ProfitPro I won back my weekends for me and my family.”

“I used the templates Des gave me and increased my payroll income by 166% in one go.”

“I increased the fees on a number of my clients by 50% using Des’s approach to fees. One client I raised their fee from €6,000 to €12,000.”

“Last year was our best turnover year ever in the firm and 4 months in fees are up by 20% already in this year. We are going to have our best years profit.”

“I handed off debt collection in my firm. I hated doing it but I always thought I had to be involved. The person doing it now loves it and is really good at it. I have lower debtors and more cash in the bank.”

“Using Des’s pricing approach and templates I increased the fee of an existing client by over 30%. Getting paid properly.”

“I followed the direct out-reach approach and asked someone who worked with other business owners to refer me work and they just referred my an ideal client.”

“You have improved my marriage.”

“I have just been referred to a Top Quality Client and 3 smaller ones.”

“I was under huge pressure last year and tax deadline nearly broke me. The hours I was working and the pressure. By the end of April I already have 40% of my income tax returns submitted. I have momentum now.”

“I am after getting a huge amount of stuff off my desk that should not have been on it. Instead of feeling guilty about what I have not done I am feeling good about what I have.”

“We are taking a 5 day holiday together in June. That hasn’t happened in years.”

“I am not yet 12 months into ProfitPro and I am just looking at my business in a totally different way than I ever could have before.”

“The session I did with you on Best Year Ever was the best thing I ever did. It gave me so much clarity on what is truly important and what I need to do.”

“I fired a bad client.”

“I hit my 3 year goals in 12 months and now I need to go back and re-do my whole strategy.”

“I just didn’t think I would have time to do this but the big thing for me 6 months in is this has forced me to create time for my business that I didn’t think I had.”

“I am looking at my business in a totally different way than I was just 8 months ago. I am doing things I never would have thought of and considering possibilities I couldn’t see or have imagined.”

“I am seeing the value in me.”

“We are seeing the value in you and so are our clients.”

“We asked for a referral and the just guy sent us in business straight away.”

“Without doubt this course is one of the best I have completed. It has completely changed my approach and thinking to running the practice.”

“ProfitPro has enabled us to decide what we want out of the business and what the business needs to be to deliver this.”