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Siegfried and Roy V Blueman Group

Are you like Siegfried and Roy, or are you more like the BlueMan Group?

Siegfried and Roy were famous magicians and entertainers for many years, especially known for their performances with lions and tigers. They wowed audiences in Las Vegas until Roy got attacked by a white tiger and the resulting injuries ended his career.

What would happen to your business if you were attacked by a white tiger?

Strategy is the core of building a successful business. Is your strategy to be self-employed or build a business? Building a business means the business can thrive without total dependency on you. If you have decided that you want to be self-employed rather than a business owner, well, then, that is something entirely different.

Accountants who want to build a sustainable and rewarding business need to decide whether they have a BlueMan Group Strategy or a Siegfried and Roy Strategy.

Frankly, as an accountant, you are highly unlikely to befall the tragedy that befell Roy when that white tiger decided enough was enough. Many accountancy businesses do have bulldogs on reception who protect the partners and staff from constant interruptions, but even on a bad day, your receptionist is highly unlikely to do serious damage.

On a more serious note what would happen to your business if you were unexpectedly unable to work for 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 8 weeks, 3 months, 6 months? What is your business strategy? Are you building a business that is limited to the number of balls you can juggle? Siegfried and Roy were effectively finished the day Roy was paralysed by the lion.

Let’s now consider another famous Las Vegas entertainment act – The BlueMan Group. If anything happened to one of the BlueMen all we would do is paint another bald guy blue, and the show would go on.

What is your strategy?

Of course, you are instrumental to your firm but what is your long-term objective. Do you want your firm to be limited by your capacity and your input, or should you be adopting a BlueMan strategy?

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