ProfitPro Live

ProfitPro Live

A 2 Day Immersive Experience 26th and 27th of April
Creating a Built to Sell Firm  

We do the work together in the room over the 2 days and you walk away with your personalised road map for your firm. 
Follow a tried and tested process to build a self-managing business. 

Follow a tried and tested process to build a self-managing business and optimise :

Profits, People, Cashflows, Growth, Value & your Choices 

This is an event for accounting and bookkeeping firm owners who want more. 

Profits, time, choice, freedom, better clients & more from their business 

Des O’Neill is leading and facilitating joined by 2 external speakers Ashley Leeds and Will Farnell for 1 hour key note sessions each day. 
Some of the sessions include: 

  • Taking Stock of Where you Really Are
  • Your Trajectory and Your Destination
  • Delivering the Products and Services with the Potential to Scale
  • Identifying the Customers to buy those Products and Services
  • Ashley Leeds – Lesson from the Trenches – Taking
  • Action and Getting a Result
  • Developing an Accelerated Cashflow Cycle
  • Building a High Performing Team in 2023
  • Forming the Processes and Systems of a Self-Managing Firm
  • Creating a Single Focus Growth and Sales Strategy
  • Will Farnell – Beyond Technology – The Human Firm
  • Incentivising Senior Team Members for Long Term
  • Retention
  • Building your 90 Day, 12 month and 3 Year Action Plan 

Each session will consist of sharing of knowledge, debate and collaboration and exercises and tools to practically implement the knowledge and insights shared. 


“Fantastic resource materials to help you get a better understanding and to aid you on your change journey. Very clear.”

Helen Efemini

“Good info and insights provided how to improve yourself / company”

Nathan Riordan

“Best place to be if you want to be ahead of the curve”

Catherine Bowe

“The topics are relevant to the accountancy profession and speaking with other accountants is very beneficial.”

Michael Dempsey

“If you wish to ratchet up your practice, just go!”

Eilis Quinlan

“I do love attending the calls as Des is very passionate, knowledgeable and entertaining.”

Andy Horvath

Who is ProfitPro Live for 

> Sole practitioner firm owners who want to learn more and have an external reference point. 
> Multi-partner firm owners who want to lead their partners and their firm to a better result for everyone.  
> Accounting business owners who are working hard but not getting the results they want.  
>Start up firms who want to avoid the mistakes that have been made by those who went before them and follow a tried and trusted pathway to success.  
> Established firms who want to find a better way to succession.  
> Firm owners who want to know what good looks like.  
> Firm owners who cant afford to take 2 days out of their business. (If you cant afford to take these 2 days it’s a sign that you must) 

Who is ProfitPro Live not For

> People looking for a silver bullet solution. 
> People who already know all the answers. 
> Fixed mindset accounting firm owners who are not open to learning or the possibility of new and better ways.
> People who believe in get rich quick schemes. 
> People who are not interested in hearing the experiences of others who are on the same journey.  
> People who are not interested in the tactics and strategies that the most successful firms are deploying to get real results because they know it all.   
> People who are not prepared to invest in themselves and are not open to learning and progress. 


In Person €250 /£200 
Virtual €200 / £160 
Virtual With Recordings €250 / £200 

Member Special Offers 

ProfitPro Members  
– In Person  Free 
- Virtual Free 
CPDClub Members 
– In Person  €100/£80 
- Virtual Free 

Delegate Bonusses  

Free Access to Recordings of Accountants Growth Formula 6 Part Programme 2023 
Half Day Implementation Mastermind July 2023

Money Back Guarantee 

If by the end of Day 1, if you have attended all the sessions and you have not gotten full value of your investment, we will refund your course fees. No quibble. No hassle. 
This event is worth your time and money. I can personally guarantee it