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Making Decisions in Your Business

Every Yes is Protected by 1000 Nos

Are you good at making decisions? Many of you will say yes, some of you will say it

is not your strongest area. Making good decisions is key to business success, and the most successful business owners in the world have taken care to develop their decision-making skills.

What if I were to ask you what your level of satisfaction with your business is on a scale of 1 -10. 1 Where I am not happy with my business at all and 10, I have the perfect business. Ok if you are at a 10 with the perfect business, this post may not be for you, but if you are not at a 10 with the perfect business, your decision-making is impacting on your business success.

Yes, I work a lot with accountants, but it doesn’t matter what your business is, better decisions lead to better business.

The components of a good decision

  • Gather all the information you need.
  • Identify the outcome you want to achieve – not just what is the next thing I need to do
  • Think about your personal purpose and then think about your long-term strategy
  • Apply some 10x thinking; what do I need to do to 10X my business?
  • Revisit the information
  • Face the facts honestly and accept the truth of the situation and your reality
  • Do not delay and procrastinate; move expeditiously and steadily to the result
  • Based on the information identify the choices and scenarios
  • Quantify the pro’s and cons
  • Take external advice and introduce some contrarian thinking
  • In an unemotional and precise state of mind weigh up the pro’s and cons of looking at the long-term view
  • Make your decision
  • Write down your basis
  • Commit 100% to take massive action to deliver what you have decided
  • Do not waver from your course of action

The Latin root of the word decision comes from the word decisio. The root of that word comes from De – cadere. De Cadere literally means to cut off. When you make your decision, you are cutting off all non-ideal, non –optimal options in favour of the one that will serve you best.

What is your process and are you happy with your decisions?

Are you making decisions that cut off all other options and commit you to one course of action? Ultimately decision-making is about saying no.

One of my favourite books is called The ONE Thing. In it, the authors come to decision-making from a slightly different angle. In the book, they talk about how every Yes is defended by 1,000 Nos.

What is the decision you can make today to improve your business? Go through the process. Commit to it and defend that Yes until you have successfully and fully implemented it.