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Knowing Your Value

Today I want to share with you a story that I recently came across which I feel resonates with many accountants that I meet and work with.

It’s about knowing your worth:

A man is lying on his deathbed and his last act was to give a gift to his daughter.  The gift he gave her was an antique watch.

He said to his daughter “This is a watch your grandfather gave me, and it’s more than 200 years old. Before I give it to you, I want you to go to a watch shop, the first one that you can find, and tell them that I want to sell this 200-year-old watch and see how much they offer you.”

So the daughter went off to find a watch shop.  When she returned she said, “Dad, the watchmaker offered me $5 because the watch is simply old.”

So then he said to her, go to the coffee shop and see if they’ll buy the watch from you.

Now the daughter wondered has her father lost his mind as he enters his final hours? But she did as she was asked.

She went to the coffee shop and enquired if they wanted to buy the watch. The staff are perplexed but agree hesitantly to purchase the antique.

However, when she returned to her father and she said, “Dad, they only offered me $5 again.”

So finally, the father said to his daughter, “Now, go to the museum and show them the watch.”

The daughter couldn’t believe it!  When she returned to her father this time, she excitedly exclaimed: “Dad, Dad, Dad, they offered me a $1,000,000 for the piece.”

However, the gift the father was leaving his daughter wasn’t $1,000,000.

He said to her: “I wanted to show you that if you go to the right place, the right people will value you in the right way.”

As an accountant and business owner, don’t find yourself in the wrong place and then be annoyed if you’re not valued.

Go to the places where there are those that know your value, where there are those that appreciate you, because as an accountant, as a business owner, as a valued and trusted adviser, the first and most important person to know your worth has to be you.