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How motivated are you today?

Des O'Neill November 21, 2019

 How motivated are you today? Are you up and firing on all cylinders, or is your energy a little bit lower than where you would ideally like it to be? I want to share with you today how I help accountancy firm owners raise their energy levels instantly, a simple technique that you can […]

What accountants can learn from kids’ club

Des O'Neill November 18, 2019

What accountants can learn from kids’ club It’s a strange title but bear with me. I recently brought my family for a weekend away, and I learned some really valuable lessons from a hotel and their kids’ club. These are mistakes that I see both accountants and business owners making on an ongoing basis and […]

The Need to Change

Des O'Neill November 14, 2019

Today I want to talk to you about change. If you want to build a better business, what we’re talking about is change. It’s about you changing how you operate in your business. It’s about you changing the culture of your business. Changing how your business interacts with customers, changing your systems, your processes, changing […]

Knowing Your Value

Des O'Neill November 11, 2019

 Today I want to share with you a story that I recently came across which I feel resonates with many accountants that I meet and work with. It’s about knowing your worth: A man is lying on his deathbed and his last act was to give a gift to his daughter.  The gift he […]

The Habits of Bad Customers

Des O'Neill November 6, 2019

  Ron Baker obviously is an icon when it comes to pricing, value pricing. He’s been a global phenomenon for 20/30 years, co-authoring Firm of the Future with Paul Dunn. When Ron and Paul wrote firm of the future back in the early 2000s, I don’t think they really believed that it would still be […]

The danger of thinking incrementally – 10x your thinking

Des O'Neill July 29, 2019

Do you want to truly transform your business and your life? Have you thought about this before, had ideas about making progress, but fell short on the result or fell short on delivery? This simple change that you can make as soon as you finish reading this post can change everything for you, your business […]