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Making Decisions in Your Business

Micheal O'Neill October 7, 2018

Every Yes is Protected by 1000 Nos Are you good at making decisions? Many of you will say yes, some of you will say it is not your strongest area. Making good decisions is key to business success, and the most successful business owners in the world have taken care to develop their decision-making skills.

The danger of thinking incrementally – 10x your thinking

Micheal O'Neill October 6, 2018

Do you want to truly transform your business and your life? Have you thought about this before, had ideas about making progress, but fell short on the result or fell short on delivery? This simple change that you can make as soon as you finish reading this post can change everything for you, your business […]

Siegfried and Roy V Blueman Group

Micheal O'Neill October 5, 2018

Are you like Siegfried and Roy, or are you more like the BlueMan Group? Siegfried and Roy were famous magicians and entertainers for many years, especially known for their performances with lions and tigers. They wowed audiences in Las Vegas until Roy got attacked by a white tiger and the resulting injuries ended his career. […]

How do you Measure Success in your Business?

Micheal O'Neill October 4, 2018

What does success mean to you and how do you measure it? Business owners measure lots of things but what is the real KPI for success for you? I recently did a video interview with a person I am lucky to call a friend. He is not just any person though, because as well as […]

The 8 Steps of Change

Micheal O'Neill February 6, 2018

Over the last few days, I’ve had a number of accountants looking for me to close the loop on the recent videos I posted. So in this short video, I bring you through the “8 Steps of Change”. If you’re ready to build the firm that you really want, rather than accept the practice you […]

Are You Ready To Change?

Micheal O'Neill February 1, 2018

Change is a process and being aware of the 7 Stages of Change can exponentially increase the likelihood of success when you are trying to do things differently or creating new habits. If you want to grow your business, and are ready to start building the firm you want rather than accepting the firm you […]