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About You

As an accountant in practice, you combine your technical expertise and experience to provide outstanding service to your clients. While some of your clients appreciate you and value what you do for them, not all of your clients really understand or care.

You have the ability to provide transformational value to those clients who truly want to build profitable and sustainable businesses. They are prepared to listen to you and act upon your advice so they can grow and prosper.

You are not just about the numbers though, because you have the ability to transform businesses and change lives. You are much more than just an accountant.

Your own business provides a good standard of living but at times it is hard.

It is hard

because you have constant deadlines. Regulation is always challenging in our compliance regime.

It is difficult

attracting and retaining the right staff. Sometimes it is hard getting them to take responsibility and do what you really want and need them to do.

It is challenging

to attract the ideal clients that you love working with. Some of the clients on your current client list are just not ideal.

It is demanding

to manage your firm and manage your cashflows and everything else at the same time as being the guru who has all the answers for your clients and team.

Yes you make money but can you truly say you have a profitable and rewarding business or at times do you wonder is there an easier or better way.

That is why you need me.

I am an accountant just like you, but I believe and always have believed there is a better way for accountants to run their business so they get exactly what they want.

Over the past 15 years I have worked with thousands of firms. Through this experience I have seen how the best practices operate and the mistakes that firms most commonly make. Through this experience I have developed the ProfitPro Practice Management BluePrint.